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We are a group of proud NYS licensed and insured massage therapists,

with a passion to heal, provide exceptional service and

make a difference with each unique human being that we encounter.


We span over 10 years of experience including high end spas, a variety of health related knowledge and over 1500 hours of massage education and continuing education.


There are many mobile platforms on the market

however none of them are actually owned and managed by massage therapists. 


These companies do not organically represent the passion for our profession,

they are focused the transactional encounter versus the client/therapist relationship.

We value and support our profession with providing a network

for fellow massage therapists to interact with clients directly.

We are focused on providing a safe and reliable way

to make direct connections for both therapists and clients.

We honor your choice to use our service, you are directly supporting our profession

by working with therapists directly, with our assurance that every therapist in our network is highly trained, licensed and insured.

We look forward to working with you, to make a difference in your life

with a healing encounter of massage therapy.


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